Tech Accessibility is Under-Rated.

The most amazing trait about technology is that it can be made accessible for everyone.

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Disclaimer: I am a newbie on hashnode and this is my first-ever article here so, in any case, you find some mistake or if I start to go out of the context, please reply in the comments below, I'll be happy to discuss with you. Thanks🙏.

Going to the matter of the talk, accessibility in technology is arguably the best characteristic of any technology. Whether the technology is newly discovered or talking about the ever-evolving technologies in well-established niches, to what extent it is accessible to everyone, is one of the most important part of a technological advancements process.

Being "Accessible" means to what percentage of people a certain technology or product/service have access to and not only just the access, but the usability factor is of equal importance that more and more people should be able to use a product / service with equal level of privilege. To think it in another way, we can say that any product / service should be created, having accessibility as one of the top priorities in mind, to be open to the more diverse range of population.

We can learn from the history, when the internet emerges as a revolutionary technology and finally everyone got an open area to share information in their lives not just to a group of people but to a much larger extent, all around the globe. It became the first example of accessibility where everyone has an equal access to information around them.

But, the scope of accessibility has changed from time to time. At the advent of internet, it was based on the number of people having access to information beyond the geographical and cultural boundaries, now the scope of accessibility has come to the physiological diversity aspect means, the people having special abilities having equal access and to the latest technologies. Many companies are considering the accessibility feature of their products / services seriously but there is much more need to improve the execution of this important feature. Although, there are some tech products / services available known for their accessibility. But, most of the tech space has a blank spot to be filled by promoting inclusive technology for everyone. For instance, there are various web accessibility standards for creating web-based applications but due to fast changing landscape of technology, there's a much needed upgrade in this space.

Any technology coming today, should be based on the principle of inclusion first, that more and more people could be able to use that piece of technology not just in terms of mere numbers but also the diverseness of population.

Having said that, much progress need to be made in the vast space of day-by-day advancing technologies to maintain a certain balance between the access and use of technology to an ever-increasing numbers of global population.

The accessibility factor in technology has always remained dynamic in nature and there are needed changes to structures and standards to meet those upgrades.

Further, with the rise of latest AI technologies and NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities and advancements in software, there could lie a possible key to start answering the ever changing question of accessibility.

To fulfill the Inclusive vision of any technology, as a celebrated inspiration once said-

"It's not faith in technology, it's faith in people".

-Steve Jobs

Note- You can learn more about accessibility by visiting on link below.